Oh hello summer, you're practically knocking at our door and we aren't even ready for you! I'm the type of girl that as soon as it's winter all body "tidying" get's put to the bottom of the list. And when your single who really cares about your hairy legs, they aren't rubbing against anyone else so all self respect goes out the window. (oops) Luckily I have a mixture of dark and light blonde hair on my legs, however armpits and the lady area it's not so hidden. 

We all want the model smooth, perfectly tanned and well toned legs for summer. Along with not looking like we have a animal growing out of our bikini bottoms. So here are a few simple steps you can take to looking silly smooth all over! 

WAXING // when someone mentions waxing I instantly die a little inside. I tried waxing once, and that was enough for me. While waxing will last a lot longer than your typical razor shave in the shower, it will take a lot longer, and can cost a fair amount depending on how "hairy" you are. Although the pain of course is the main negative to waxing. 

LASER HAIR REMOVAL // I've not actually tried laser hair removal, but now you can get a range of devices from the high street for at home treatments, or you can pop into a local clinic where you can get the pain free treatment, Colaz is a perfect clinic for laser hair removal. Which is based in London Paddington, southall, Hounslow, and Slough. Laser hair removal works over a range of treatments, after a few the hair will then reduce in growth. This is a great step for anyone who has fast hair growth. 

SHAVING // This is the easy one, which most women will turn to for a no hassle effect. I enjoy shaving my legs and armpits with a razor, it's quick and easy. However when it comes to the lady bits, it can become very time-consuming and I don't always feel like I get the best result. 

So which step do you use, and would you try another?

(this post is sponsored, all words are my own)