We all have that one dress in the back of our wardrobe, which we just can't seem to let go. New Look are currently running a campaign on your 'Throwback Dress'. I was asked to share with you my throwback dress and my future new one.  My Throwback dress is this very simple plain black dress from H&M I brought this over a year a go now, for around £9.99 a complete bargain, and a great dress for every day wear. I've worn this dress to a number of occasions, including nights outs and job interviews! Although now, the dress has been throw to the back of my rail and to be honest I never wear it. However I'm just not ready to let go of such a classic little black dress. 
I was then told I could pick a new dress, that would then take over a hopefully be my future throwback dress which i'm not willing to let go of. I gifted this beautiful royal blue baroque print dress from Closet via New Look.  This dress is probably something a lot of people wouldn't of thought I'd of gone for, although it's a style/print I've been after for some time now. I love the elegant print, and then the fit is spot on. I honestly feel like a million dollars in this dress. I've never been a fan of cut out back's. But this dress holds the cut out, at the top of the back which look's a lot more flattering on me, and is also a cute little detail to the dress. 
This dress is definitely going to be too hard to let go. I have honestly fell in love with this timeless beautifully cut dress.