More and more workers are being invited to take their canine friends to work with them – with extremely positive results. By taking your dog to your workplace, you can not only save money, but can ensure that your pet is happy, safe and in good company. What’s more, by being accompanied by your dog at work, you won’t have to pay money out to have him or her walked or fed during the daytime. Researchers have found that employees taking their dogs to work are less stressed and more able to concentrate on their tasks. Need to convince your boss to let you bring your dog to work? Give him these great reasons…

Improve workplace relations

Dogs can promote healthy social interaction amongst employees. The presence of dogs creates a strong talking point, and staff are more likely to collaborate with each other efficiently after bonding over dog ownership. What’s even better is that by taking dogs on a walk during breaks, there’s a chance to enjoy some much-needed exercise. With employers taking note of the increased morale that comes with allowing pets in the workplace, it’s no wonder that more and more ‘bring your dog to work’ schemes are emerging. Meanwhile, your dog should love the opportunity to mix with other people and pets. 

A tried and trusted idea
A number of high-profile international companies have brought the idea of bringing dogs to work further into the public consciousness, and have reported excellent results. This may well be enough to convince the powers that be in your company. If your employers do agree to a workplace pet scheme, you should start to put together a series of ground rules to keep everyone happy. Also, you could ask for permission to bring your dog with you just for a couple of days a week initially, to see how things pan out. 

A warmer, homelier environment
Of course, dogs are more suited to some workplaces than they are to others. A catering environment, for instance, would seem wholly inappropriate, but if you’re working in an office, there’s no reason why your plan shouldn’t be a success. Also, some people who don’t own their own pets remain highly fond of dogs. Dogs can significantly improve working environments, making them seem less sterile and more homely. Friendly, warm and fun workplaces can lead to increased staff morale and productivity.

A more contented workforce
Furthermore, knowing that their dog is happy, safe and contented can allow pet owners to confidently focus on their work. There are legal obligations to attend to, however, such as liability insurance. This is particularly important if dogs are to come face-to-face with visitors. It’s also a good idea to ask if anyone who works with you has any particularly strong reservations about your plans. Whilst some staff members may be allergic to dogs, others may simply feel uncomfortable about their presence. It’s important that your ideas don’t cause workplace friction, or you could find that the pitfalls outweigh the positive aspects. 

It should be pointed out that dog owners should be prepared to take full responsibility for their dogs once they are brought on site, and they should also think twice about taking any unpredictable, noisy or badly-behaved pets to work. Hygiene is another concern, so only dogs that are free of disease and fully toilet-trained should be permitted to visit. However, for employers, the schemes could replace other costlier staff benefits. In any case, the benefits to office morale that come with a doggy presence are sure to outweigh most material office perks. 

This article was written by Michael Truby on behalf of MORE TH>N dog insurance. For great deals on insuring your dog and invaluable advice and tips on caring for your pet, visit the MORE TH>N website.

(this is a guest post, image courtesy of tumblr)