If you follow me on instagram, have me on snap chat or even have me as a pal on Facebook. You will of seen plenty of cute photo's of my girl Baby. I've done a few posts before on our background and how we came to gain this beautiful girl, but if you didn't catch them here's a little history on how we welcomed Baby to the family. 
In 2011 I was in my last year of school, finishing my exam's I was in a relationship, everything was perfect. Until I lost my best friend. Two month's before I was born my mom and dad went and picked up a little ball of fur Staffordshire Bull terrier, called Boss. Sadly Boss had to be put to sleep which was one of the most heart breaking situations I've ever been in while holding his little paw as he slowly drifted away. 
Two month's pasted and the family home just wasn't the same. The presence of a dog was missed. Then one afternoon we were in the garden and a cat popped in to say hello. I was all over it, I love animal's so I get far too attached easily and melt when I see a little cutie. That's when I persuaded my mom and dad to look for a new pet. This time a cat. The following week we made our way to Gonsal Farm Animal Centre . As soon as we arrived we told the staff we wanted to look at the kittens. We made our way out to the court, where all the dog's were kept on our way to the cat's house. However I got a little distracted and ended up walking over to Baby. 
 Baby was a kept in a outside cage all by herself. I was a little confused to why she was by herself. I began to stroke her through the bar's and she was lovely so loving and begging for the rub on her belly. We then left to see the cat's. I won't lie we were all a little disappointed as their just wasn't one that stood out to us, it also just didn't feel right. On the way out this time my dad came over to Baby too. The whole family ended up smothering baby with pat's and allowing her to lick our hands. A member of staff then told us about Baby. (she was called Nero) Baby had been at the centre for a long time, and never found a home. We were all so shocked by how beautiful she is, as she really is such a stunning bitch Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with her pointy ears and wide eyes. We then left and didn't even discuss the option of taking her home. 
Two days later and I was called down stairs. My mom and dad were smitten, they asked if me and Jordan would be happy to have another dog and if we wanted to go back and officially meet Baby. We went back and we were allowed to take her for a walk and enter her cage. When we entered the cage we were completely shocked by her energy and bounce! She was bloody mental! I've never seen a dog jump so high, she showed so much personality and love she just made us fall for her even more. 
Two weeks later we brought her home, and we've never regretted it. She's chewed our shoes, chewed the sofa, she's a little terror but she's our little terror that has made our family whole again after the loss of our first dog. 
 So why does Baby deserve a holiday? From canvas Holidays. Being a rescue dog, and not having the best start in life I think she deserves a little treat. She's given us so much respect and love despite being treated poorly by her previous owner. She loves exploring new places, so to take her away and let her get a little  cray, cray on a dog holiday would be amazing. I literally adore this dog and can't imagine life without her now. She's been amazing and given us so much love and protection to give her something back would mean the world, oh and she's really, really cute! (she's also amazing at selfies)