If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or have just been reading my past few posts you will of known, I was off to Paris last week! I already told myself I have to go to Paris this year. It's a city i've always wanted to visit, I'd been to France before but never to the city of light, or city of love as some people say. Three am Friday morning myself and Hayley woke up from out three/two hour sleep to get on the road to head to Birmingham Airport. 
 Once we arrived into France it was all go from there. After collecting our bags we headed to buy our train tickets. It was a long queue so that took a while, however soon after we mad sour way into the City of paris. We ends dup staying right next to the train station at Gare Du Nord  This was literally perfect for us when it came to exploring the city in all directions. We dropped off our suitcases, then made our way out and headed for some food. There's nothing I love more than american diners. Of course when in Paris you have to go to an American Diner, haha I know what the hell were we thinking. We ended up having brunch in Breakfast in America. One of my all time favourite foods has to be french toast. Every Birthday I have to have french toast for breakfast. It's like my luxury breakfast. Being on holiday I was allowed my luxury breakfast of course! I have to say it was pretty damn good. 
 Once we were all fuelled back up we then made our way towards Arc De Triomphe. This is such a iconic place to visit. We had a bit of confusion to how we even got over the road to it, but after all the hassle we discovered the steps down. We decided to make our way up to the top to enjoy the view, as we decided to do the Eiffel Tower on sunday. I have to say I wasn't prepared for all the steps. Especially in 28 degree heat, with black skinny jeans on. I soldered on and made it though and the view was pretty amazing. I have to say I probably enjoyed the view from Arc De Triomphe more than the Eiffel tower. 
 Then it was off to Maccies! we really did fail at trying out different food and exploring new food. Although we had a good reason as in France there's Mc Cafe! In the UK we are slowly but surely gaining the selection from the Mc Cafe, but I think it will be a while till the Macaroon's make an appearance! Once we had our re fix, we then went for a wonder, and came across Pont Alexandre III, I love seeing such beautiful features which are years old, and it's safe to say this bridge whipped over the iron bridge down the road from my house. 
One thing I really wanted to go and see while I was in Paris was the Love Lock Bridge. This is something I plan on doing with the man that can actually put up with me. But I love the whole concept of the bridge, the amount of people that come to one place to lock onto a promise of being together forever. It wasn't till sunday we realised there must be a fair fe wot these love lock bridges. We then became pretty tired and made our way back for some dinner in a little restaurant in Gar Du Nord then it was off to bed we went.