There are a few trends I'll see in magazines, on the blogs, on the high street that I can't help but utterly hate. The Birkenstock trend was one of them. I think the whole reason I hated them is, one my nan wears them, two my grandad has also had his share while wearing them with socks. Three Topshop made them far too over priced. 
However while at work me and another girl I work with we're talking about the H&M ones which had come in delivery that day. We hated that we had to admit we quite liked them. It then resulted in us trying them on. That's the problem with working in a high street store you end up looking at the clothes all day so you end up falling in love with them, as much as you wish you didn't. I especially don't for my bank balance. 
What I really like about this pair from H&M is that their all over black. I love my black, but I think the whole look of the sole and the straps being black changes the whole appearance compared to this pair here.  I'm just not a fan of the wooden bottoms, however this all over black theme works much better for my daily looks. I'm also slightly ashamed to tell you that these shoes haven't left my feet since I got them. So if your after jumping on the Birkenstock trend but not at Topshop prices, then pop along to H&M and bag these for a bargain. 


  1. Absolutely have to agree! I really, REALLY hated the Birkenstock trend and I could not understand why they were so big, but I'm ashamed to say they're also growing on me and I might invest in some for my holiday in a couple of weeks... H&M pair look really good.


  2. Great post, i love to hate them, though i havn't bought any yet!

    Love Emma xx


  3. I totally agree! I'm not a fan but the all black looks alright... Don't tempt me! ;)
    Naomi xx


  4. These ones are okay but I definitely prefer the topshop ones. The ones you we're look at are the original Birkenstocks which is why they're so expensive. Topshop does their own version which is very similar and are only £26 I bought them a few days ago and I love them!
    Tiana x

  5. I love these too, much better than cork!


  6. i hate that i love ugly shoes!! there is something so weirdly nice about them and jelly shoes! hahah those h&m ones are beautiful, i got a pair of birkenstocks for £24.99 in tkmaxx which i thought was a bargain compared to the topshop ones but i'll definitely be investing in those cheap h&m ones! xx

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