I love a good bargain me, I love it even more when I find a product that works just as well as a more expensive product. Earlier this week I decided to sort out my roots. I've been doing really well recently not dying my hair as often, and ditching the straighteners in order to get my hair growing. It's been going really well, but girl when them roots need doing, they gotta be done.  So I popped along to my local super market and picked up a new dye. It was a much darker red this time. I'd not dyed my hair for a long time so my hair was very faded and almost un touched of dye. Which meant the vibrant HD red I put on instantly took to my hair giving me very vibrant shocking hair. I will admit I liked it at first. But after going to work and seeing how bright and red/pinky it had become I knew I had to dye it back. 
When I've had these accidents in the past I usually use Colour B4, I've always got on with Colour B4 despite it's shocking smell. But with such thick hair I've always had to buy 2 boxes of dye. However at £10 a box when I just needed my quick fix and I have a trip to paris to save for I wasn't going to pay £10 X2 for two boxes. I'd spotted Pro:voke Hair colour remover before so I was interested to if it was any good as it was a third of the price of Colour B4. 
Above in the images you can see the whole process from changing my shade back to my natural colour. Instantly after applying the treatment to my hair my hair was soon fading away back to my natural shade. I left the treatment on for over all around 45 minutes. Sadly the Pro:voke stripper also has a very bad smell. But I must admit I was happy with the process and how easy it was to prepare, and apply. I also found it to not be as runny as the Colour B4 one, I was forever spilling half the bottle on myself. 
Once washed away I did my regular shampoo and conditioner with an added 5 minutes of a hair mask, then washed it away and let my hair dry naturally for 20 minutes. I then began to blow dry my hair straight. My hair felt exactly the same, no damage or harm. Of course my hair will of had some damage, but nothing compared to the horror stories hair dressers try to tell you about doing it yourself. I then left my hair overnight adding serum and hair oils, I then applied my new shade in the morning and my hair feels absolutely fine. 
Over all i'm really impressed with the product I was a little worried to try it out as it was so cheap and seeing other brands with such high prices for their hair removers it was puzzling. But I honestly couldn't recommend this anymore for anyone who is sick of their hair colour but not too keen on hair dressing prices.