I've mentioned before that I'm currently switching up my room. Mainly the very annoying black and white wallpaper that I loved at first but now I detest. Anyway I thought I'd share with you a few bits in my room, that are kinda unique and make the room mine. I love seeing how other's  create their rooms and the little bits they have that show memories, their music, and their style. 
First up is a gift I got off a secret santa at work last christmas. I literally loved it when I opened it and how thoughtful the whole gift is. I also got some fabric bunting too. I really liked this little heart because she took the time to notice how I signed off the end of my blog posts and take the font to place my name on to the heart. 
Next up are a few Polaroid's, tickets etc of memories from the past few years. I'm one of them people that just loves to keep all the ticket's etc from past gig's, events etc. I just love to look back on them, or find them randomly and be like "oh yeah I remember going to that!" it's just a great way to remember a memory. Then the polaroids are also just another cute way to show images. I really like the effect and style of a polaroid image. 
Then make up! I'm no pro beauty blogger, But I love the simple things within beauty when it comes to storage. I own the shameless muji acrylic storage draws, I also have a acrylic lipstick holder which I got from Ebay. I actually really love the acrylic storage, as a lot of make up has such beautiful packaging and it's great to display it. Also a great way to see where stuff is. I then also have my little plant pot plate from IKEA.  I use this just to put my perfume on, and some SD card's along with some more perfume samples. 
PILLOWS! some people will happily just sleep with one pillow, but me, nah. I have to have thousands of pillows. I literally have the worst nights sleep if I don't have at least two pillows. So when I was asked if I'd like to review something from IWOOT.COM I jumped to received this beautiful pillow, called the Boogie Woogie Pillow. I've had it for a few days now and I've literally dropped off since my head touches it. I also really adore the stunning modern print, which is also multi as I can either have the block grey print, or the coral orange/pink. I'm really loving these pastel shades with the darker grey at the moment. 
My skull money box. I'd wanted one of these money boxes FOREVER! I'd just never wanted to pay £20 for one from Urban Outfitters! However I attended a opening of a new store in Nottingham and got a nice tasty discount. I'm planning on getting more and getting a shelf too. because I just love skulls. Then my books! I don't really talk about my "Idol" much but I'm probably the biggest The Hills Fan you will ever meet! I can quote every episode, I cried at the last ever episode, one of my tattoo's is even a quote from Lauren from the Hills. But I defiantly admired Lauren more when she released her own novel series. I've read all of these books about three times. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend you give them a read! You can purchase these on Amazon.
And there are some snippets into my little room, and how I make it my own! what little features do you have to make your room your own?