Father's day isn't far away and we all know how hard it is to shop for men, especially our dad's! Our Dad's have our back no matter what. Whether it's when you need a shoulder to cry on when a boyfriend becomes an ex, or when your just a little low, your dad is always there to cheer you up. So on Father's day it's always nice to give back and spoil them after all the years of spoiling they've done for us! 
I'm pretty damn lucky and I have a sassy, funny, loveable dad who adores and spoils me and brother rotten. The past few years have been filled with ups and downs, from failed relationship's, change in job roles, and bills. But despite it all my dad has come out on top and stayed strong no matter what. It really is the hard times that make you realise who matter in your life, and who you don't need to surround yourself with. 
 My dad has been nagging me to feature him on my blog, as he has watched me capture my own outfit posts, he always try's to get a sneaky pose in. However this time it was all about him! My dad was kindly given a budget of £70 to create a outfit and spice up his wardrobe. However with him being my dad he was already stylish (wink wink haha) So we sat down and browsed the Jacamo  site, It took a while for my dad to get the hang of my macbook, as while he likes to think he's all hip and down with the kids, technology is not his best talent. He was really happy with the navigation of the site, and choice in sizes and length's there were available for him.