I guess you could say I've been pretty lucky when it comes to having nice skin. No I'm not saying I have silky smooth photoshopped barbie skin. Not even close. I typically only suffer from break out's around that dreaded time of the month, ugh. But that's something I can deal with. It's very rare I'll get any other break outs apart from the odd spots when I don't keep up my skin care. I have combination skin, so my skin can play a few tricks on me, thirsty one minute, dry and flakey the next. I was kindly sent skin care products from Escentual.com I've been sent stuff from the guys at Escentual before, So I was super excited to see what new products they'd be sending me this time. Now Eucerin is a brand I've never heard of before. I took it on myself to have a quick review search on other blogs to see what sort of products I was dealing with. Over all there were a range of positive reviews for the Cleanser, however not so many for the creams, which were my personal favourite's. I was obsessed with my old cleanser from Purity, but since that bit the dust, I found myself not reaching for a cleanser as much. When I received this one from Eucerin, I was excited to give the old cleansing a go again. I'm happy to let you know it's a pretty damn good product too! Each time I used the Dermo Purifier Cleaner it was gentle and soft against my skin, while it left my skin feeling fresh and clear.  It was also perfect to push off any left over make up. 9/10 Now the day & night creams! AH, I can honestly say these are the products that have really given me a new face. Like I said I've been lucky with not having many break outs. But these have really brightened and allowed me to have a lot more good skin days than usual. Only applying a light amount to my face, it easily spread to cover my whole face. Straight away the product melts into my skin leaving my skin to feel fresh and moisturised. If your face is a little down in the dumps from winter, I'd really recommend the day and night brightening creams to give your face that bounce again. 10/10 

What about the price? If you're a long time reader, you'll know I love a bargain, and I don't like to spend a huge amount when I know I can get the same for less with  a little hard work. Well Eucerin has a fab range of skincare, and how lucky is this Esentual has just put all Eucerin products at a 1/3 off! I'll be stocking up and I'd highly recommend you give the products a go! 

(I was kindly sent the products from Esentual.com for my consideration, all opinions are my own)