BAG - H&M*

After spotting the lovely Charlotte (check out her blog!) on Twitter a few weeks ago sporting this beautiful trench coat I knew I had to own it. After heading over to her blog, I discovered the trench was from, Now I know She inside is popular with the bloggers for them handing out their freebies, which clearly works well to boost their sales. However I made my purchase anyway, it seems you can pretty easily get yourself a discount code straight away on that site, so you end up with some right bargains. I signed in with my Facebook account which got me another 20% off the already reduced price. In the end I think I paid around £14 pounds for this stunning baby blue statement coat, that is sure to come along to London Fashion Week in september! I was a little curious to how I'd get on with the delivery as I hoped it would be here in time for Paris! Luckily it arrived today so i can take it along! Over all it took around 10 days, which is fabbby for a order coming from china! I do apologise you can't really see how it falls on me, as I did have to pull and grab it a lot in the wind!