Sometimes all you really need to complete a outfit is a statement lip. I decided after messing about with a new photo layout, I'd capture a few future beauty posts. This way i have no excuse and I already have the photo's at hand ready to be posted! The past year I've really enjoyed making my lips a big statement despite how much I use to despise them. So here are just five of my favourite shades that I love to wear while the weather is a lot more sunny.
CHANEL COCO SHINE // I won't lie I brought this lipstick a while a go as a treat, then I never wore it. oops. However recently I've been popping it on for when i just need that extra hint or shine. This lipstick is perfect to pop on over the top for extra shine, or wear on it's own for a subtle hint of peachy tones. 
KIKO LIPSTICK // When I was at London Fashion Week, we popped into the Kiko store in stratford as they had a little sale on. I can't remember how much this lipstick was probably £3. But I love the rosy pink gentle tones and pop of colour it instantly add's to your lips. It's a very creamy based lipstick, and oh lord it smells lovely. 
MUA LIPSTICK // Now this lipstick I have re brought, and re brought, and re brought again as I wear it literally everyday! retailing at only a £1 I couldn't be happier that my favourite lipstick is this one. I would say it's my lip colour but a bit better. It gives my lips that fresh glow and natural look, with a added hint of shine. It also moistures and leaves my lips soft. It also last a long time as I wear this at work also and only re apply on my lunch breaks. 
W7 LIPSTICK // I secretly have a huge love for bright pink lips. I just love them, their fresh and damn their crazy. I do have a much bright one than this W7, But I do like how gentle this one is without being too over powering on it's whole look. Definitely a lipstick I'll be popping in my bag for the summer days. 
RIMMEL KATE MOSS LIPSTICK // This lipstick is a all around the year kind of lipstick. No matter the rain or shine, the kate moss 107 matte red is the one. The only downside to this lipstick is it really drys my lips out. So i always have to exfoliate my lips before use. However as you can see in the images above it really makes a impact for that perfect stamens lip.