I'm one of them rare people that hadn't been to Disney Land. I'd begged and begged my parents but we always went away on sun holidays. I'm not complaining as I loved the holidays as we've been to places such as Egypt and I really got to explore the history. But we all need a little bit of childhood fun; that can of course be achieved at Disney Land Paris. 
On Saturday we made our way to Disney land Paris and I can honestly say it was a dream come true. The whole atmosphere, seeing so many people with smiles on their faces it really is such a magical place to go to. We arrived around 10:30am and went to adventure land first. Here we went on the Indiana Jones ride. This was my first ever up side down ride. I have to say they aren't as bad as I thought! I was pretty shocked at how quick the lines went down while we queued for the rides. A lot of people tried to say they took forever but there was only one ride we had to walk out on. I have to say my favourite ride of the day was the Hollywood Tower Hotel. This was amazing especially as we had no idea what we were getting into the whole thing was a shock and so much more enjoyable. 
After a few rides, and a quick ice cream stop (damn it was good) we then went back to the castle, which luckily we ran into the start of the parade! we got to walk behind the dancers as they left the castle. I'll show you more when I edit my vlog! The parade honestly mad emu day as I didn't get many high hopes when it came to me seeing any of the cast, but to see pretty much most of them, and get a cheeky snap with my new bestie Peter Pan I was a happy girl. 
We ended up spending around 8 and a half hours there doing both park's and pretty much doing everything we wanted. Over all I'd really recommend Disney Land even if you feel like you've missed the boat to go at a younger age. I'm nineteen and I couldn't of been happier.