5 Top Tips from the Red Carpet for Looking Fabulous
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Every time summer comes around we are bombarded with new looks from the likes of those who attend high profile events such as the launch of new movies. Hollywood actresses who look fabulous in anything that they wear on the red carpet. 
Let’s look at what we need to learn from these events that we can apply to everyday life. What lessons are there that can make any of us ladies look fabulous? Or course, the actresses have a team of assistants to help with makeup and style, we might not have this, but we can reuse their approaches for our own benefit. 
1. Fit Matters
Something that all red carpet walkers know is that it’s essential that your clothes fit well. One of the main reasons that actresses look so fantastic is down to having their dresses altered to fit them. When you see actresses that don’t look quite so great, it’s usually because their dresses aren’t fitting so well. 
2. Age Appropriate
You have probably noticed how great Helen Mirren looks every time she steps on to the carpet. The reason for this is because she always wears age appropriate styles. Of course, if she wore something that you might see Emma Watson in, then we all know that people wouldn’t rave half as much. Make sure you dress your age for best results. 
3. Accessories Are Key

The jewellery that is worn on the red carpet by actresses can be absolutely stunning. Of course, most of us aren’t in a position to be able to pay out for jewels of the same calibre. However, wearing accessories to elevate an outfit is well within our scope. Even a white t-shirt can look amazing if it’s accompanied by a great necklace and pair of earrings. Don’t forget great shoes too. 

4. Great Skin
Every aspect of the actress looks great when she strolls down the red carpet. Not only does their makeup look flawless but their skin is in tip top condition. You won’t see any tan lines on show. To get such great skin, moisturise every day. Coconut oil can be very effective. Take care of your skin by using sunscreen. 
5. Fabulous Hair
Actresses have their hair styled by professionals for their red carpet walk. This is what makes it look so fantastic. Although you might not have access to a stylist on a daily basis, you can still have great hair. Take your time to master a few basics from watching YouTube videos and you’ll be able to enjoy good hair any time you like. 
We might not as fabulous as those on the red carpet every day, but we can get close with some polish. What are your top tips for looking stunning?
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