The world cup is still going strong, and everyone is still in high spirits despite the fact England didn't exactly do us proud. I wouldn't really class myself or my family as massive football fans, neither have I had many ex's who were bloody mental over the footie. But suddenly when the World Cup comes around all the secret fans pop out of the closet and make it clear their backing their teams. However myself I've never managed to get into the football like some girls, it's just not for me. I think the last time I watched a full game was when Beckham (oh lovely David Beckham) was strutting his stuff for England. 
If you're like myself and really not too fussed about the footie pamper yourself while the boys will play. You can also have yourself a little giggle; the hang at Ladbrokes have made this hilarious World Cup Bingo card!  The card has a range of different scenarios that are bound to happen to a number f the male population in preparation for a game or while a game is happening. So While you're pampering yourself and not getting too stressed about the ball being kicked about sit back and tick off your Bingo Card from Ladbrokes
I'll be sitting back putting my face mask on while the game tonight between Argentina V Switzerland goes on, what will you be up to? 

(disclaimer: I was kindly sent this kit by the guys at Ladbrokes.)