For a long time now I've said I wanted to go back blonde, I'm pretty lucky and most hair shades suit me. But one colour that has always been my favourite has been blonde. I think there's just something about having blonde hair that makes you feel more girly. Personally I love having lighter hair in the summer, especially as my hair fades a lot in the sun! So while off work last week, I got a little bored...and this happened. I know a lot of you will be going mental for me doing it at home, for doing the process too quickly but I have to say my hair is clearly made of bloody steel. 
 Right, so how did I get this look? I would like to point out I've never had any hair dressing training I've self taught myself, along with the odd ombre youtube video. I used one main brand to get my over all blonde and that was Jerome Russell Bblonde. This is the lightening dye I've used for all my ombre's also. I basically gave my natural hair a ombre, once the first application was done and washed I left my hair over night. The next morning I then re-dyed the same section of hair again which allowed the blonde to go much lighter. However there were a few yellow tones, so I used a bit of purple shampoo and I also got a semi-perament dye to just tone out to a more natural shade of blonde. I thought that would be it. But no, I ended up attacking my roots. I ended up stripping my roots, so it was my natural hair colour, then adding  a few subtle high lights. This then created this very natural blended in look. Which for me and my natural length hair I think worked much better. And well, that ladies is it. I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with how good a job I've done. 
 My hair condition, ah the only problem with going blond dis it basically beats the sh*t into your hair.  My hair was very dry, and brittled and I did begin to loose a lot of my ends. However I instantly started applying hair masks, hair oils the lot. Really allowing my hair to get all it's juices back. I also brought some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G products yesterday, that after one application have literally given me back my old hair, no joke guys. (I'll have the reviews up soon) 
 Now on to my hair length! For a while I've been dying literally to get rid of my hair extensions, after three years they start to tie you down. With this new colour, I feel a lot more confident with my shorter hair and love the classic choppy bob. I can officially say I've gone a week without wearing extensions, and I've actually left the house. I do miss having longer hair, and I probably will order a pack just for when I need a bit of sass in my life. However for now I'm rocking the Kylie Jenner shorter bob. I still have a bit of toning and what not with my hair, but right now I'm happy with the look and hopefully I keep it up.