We all have our favourite TV series, and in America they seem to pull out the best. However I do love my English lot! Another thing I love about American Series is the fashion! I think only the girls can speak for this, but I love seeing the trends, style each TV show carries. A lot of the shows are set in different times, different cities. So all of that allows a show to have a different theme and of course trends within fashion for their cast! 
Ladbrokes have done a survey to find out exactly who is the most fashionable, and who well...it's a good thing theyre a good actor/actress! The survey was between 2,000 people and they all had a range of options to choose from, or if they really weren't keen they could have picked "other". So according to the results from the poll, it seems everyone thought Rachel Green in 'Friends." We all love Friends it was a classic. However I have to disagree that she was the best dressed when compared to Blair Waldorf. Then again I think this all comes down to the era, what you grew up with, the style you had compared to my style and growing up in the middle of the 90's. So therefore I would disagree with the majority of the vote, and put my vote on Blair Waldorf. I wouldn't wear a lot of Blair's crazy colours but she never fails to look fabulous in tote with a classic Chanel touch to every outfit. 
Now it's time for the boys! Now girls, let's try not to get lost in who has the best face and let's look at the actual clothes (despite how much we wish they weren't wearing them)! Suits, suits, SUITS! a suit is clearly a boys best friend. The majority of the vote went to Bruce Wayne for Batman, I think this may be down to male population within the voting for this. Batman is a classic legend to all men, it was cool and confident and always looked good. However for me I would say he dressed very basic apart from when he was in the Batman gear of course! So going off purely dedicated men's fashion I would actually have to go with Blaine Anderson, for his colour's mix of casual and quirky trends. Of course I think all of the votes can be varied by the era, and the variation between male and female.