I use to be obsessed with having some arm candy on my wrist. I loved all the different styles, colours and sizes I could squeeze onto my wrist. However over the years I've gone for a more subtle look on my arm's and toned it down to really only wearing my watch on a regular basis. However this year for my birthday my dad wanted to get me something special, so he ended up getting me a Pandora Charm bracelet. I admit I wasn't a massive fan, they were one of them things that everyone and anyone had. But I have grown to love mine, along with the charm that looks like a pig, but is indeed a dog. 
When I was sent this stunning little piece from Pandora's  New Collection I fell in love. It's a very dainty little thing, which I love about it. It sits on your wrist with freedom and manages to make a big impact despite it's size. I now where this little add on along with my charm bracelets and they work so well together to great some elegant arm candy.