Day three was our last full day in Paris, we decided we'd hit up the Eiffel Tower on the sunday anyway giving us plenty of time to enjoy the views and to explore more into the city. I've always wanted to go up the Eiffel tower, I think it's a historical site everyone wants to go to. I'd also planned on wanting to get proposed to up there, but after the 2 hour queue and waiting, I've decided I'll be happy with a romantic meal and a pretty ring. 
 So after the 2 hours of queueing we finally made it to the top. The view's were stunning, the whole atmosphere of being up there with fellow tourists made the whole experience. Once we'd got back down from the Eiffel Tower, we then made our way to Les Catacombs. Sadly because it was a sunday we were told due to the length of the line it would be too late for us to get in. So we ends dup making our way to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame was a favourite of mine from my childhood, it was great to finally visit the Cathedral in which the film's setting took place in. I loved exploring the Cathedral all the features, and history it held. We managed to go up to the top of the towers, to yet again more beautiful stunning views that really captured Paris at it's best. After the stairs to get up there killed me, and then rude people just pushing, (did I mention how rude the people are in Paris) and the heat which was blaring we ended up just going for a stroll just down from the Notre Dame.  We then came across another Love Lock Bridge, sadly not the one I wanted to visit but still I loved these bridges, the amount of lock's the names, the dates you can see. 
 After the walking, and the big day at Disney we were both pretty tired so we went back for a bit of chill time, getting changed etc, then wen tout for lunch. We ended up having dinner with two girls who were traveling. I was a little disappointed in my burger but it looked nice anyway! I guess when your in a different country the food can either be a big hit that you wish you had it back home, or a miss that you're happy you won't have to eat it again.