We all expect miracles when we buy a product, whether it's for our skin, our hair or nails. We literally expect it to be the dogs you know what. Well for me I've always had high hopes when it comes to Umberto Giannini. I was first introduced to the brand in my first year of blogging when I attended one of their events in Selfridges Birmingham. Ever since that event i've been on an doff with their shampoo and conditioner, but forever using their FRIZZI  Miracle Worker with Argan Oil. Although now I'm blonde, and my hair isn't in the condition it was before I bleached it. I knew I needed to get some good products on my locks to really sort them out. So I popped into boots, as you do and I was going to re purchase the FRIZZI Oil anyway, when I started to glance over the new collections from Umberto Giannini. 
The first product I spotted was the MEND MY HAIR Therapy Intensive Damage Repair 5 in 1 Hair Oil. I won't lie to you now, but the packaging did catch my eye and was a seller for me. It just looks so pretty and very 'posh' is that even possible for a hair oil? Anyway as soon as I got home I pumped three times and stroked it into the mid lengths and down of my hair and then put my hair up as I went and enjoyed the sun. After I took my hair down a few hours later before having a shower, and I already felt the difference within my hair texture. 
Then I went ahead and washed my hair with the Dazzle Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. Now this is where I fell in love. The shampoo and conditioner, did no wrong. I cannot get over how soft, shiny and smooth my hair is since I used the Dazzle Shine collection. Now for freshly blonde hair I wasn't expecting the results at all. Maybe a bit of shine, not so much frizz. But the feel an look of my hair has completely changed and gotten into a lot better shape. I'm hoping it improves the more I apply the shampoo and conditioner. But I have to say the Dazzle Shine collection really is a miracle worker, I'm still so shocked at the feel two days after the first wash. Also Boots has  deal on where you can buy 3 items from Umberto Giannini or Lee Stafford for £12! so you will basically get a product free depending on what you choose!