It's been a while since I've posted some of my more casual day-to-day outfits. Which needs to change as I dress sassy 24/7 and I should show it off right? (haha I'm joking) I've been stuck in my Birkenstocks recently. I guess my hate for them is official gone now. But I have to admit I love my pair from H&M. However because I've been little lazy on my feet I decided this week while being off work to take advantage and wear my more heel-type shoes. I brought these chunky heels from primark a few weeks ago now, thinking they were the last pair I grabbed them. Their actually new and must of been returned to my local store, so you can still get them. Their super comfy and perfect to add a more girly heel look to the outfit. 
I've always been put off a lot of Topshop's main piece's due to their price's. However when grazia recently put some random voucher codes in their magazine. Hayley was lucky enough to find a few £20 ones, and was kind enough to give me one! So I popped over to Birmingham because to be honest, Telford's Topshop is just shocking. I ended up finally picking up my first pair of Joni jeans. I'd heard a lot about these jeans, despite the whole "they go baggy" I was willing to give them a whirl. I've ended up wearing these jeans so much since I bought them. 
THEN ME BARGAIN OF THE WEEK! I love a good charity shop hunt, I think when shopping in the charity shop's you need to be open minded and open to a bit of DIY. I went to the local town next to Telford called Newport and managed to pick up a few top's at 99p each! All pretty basic, but with the odd detail. One was real silk and snazzy. I really liked this basic vest with a subtle striped print. Very casual and relaxed to just throw on as you can see.