BAG - H&M*
TEE - H&M*

Me and my bloody H&M outfits. I was doing so well. I was also doing so well with the whole pretty much never wearing black. Guess I've gone back to my old ways. Especially the past week I've literally just wanted to throw on all my black clothing and be comfortable. When I saw this Tee in work I had to have it. I love my 80's rock music. The whole band tee look also is a favourite of mine. Then the coat. Sadly this coat is now rare as hell to find! Literally as soon as it came into our store it sold out within a week, and I brought the last one! I've also been to a few other stores and they've told me how much everyone is trying to find this coat. I can't blame them. I love this coat it's perfect for this awkward weather. It's super warm and looks a lot more expensive than what it cost me RRP £29.99! So if you spot this coat in your local H&M I'd recommend you try it on and buy the thing!