It literally feels like forever since I've blogged although my last post was Wednesday it was a scheduled post, therefore it's actually been over a week! But lots of changes are happening in my life so my blog has defiantly taken a back seat for a while! So I thought I'd drop a quick post on what I've been up to! 
FULL TIME JOBBY GIRL | It's official I've just finished my first week being full time at H&M although I did do the hours before It wasn't so painful. Working 6 days straight though is a different story. Especially when your on your feet all day, and your doing all the delivery shifts. Luckily I actually love my job, the fashion pieces, the people and of course the discount! I'm really happy with my fast progress at H&M I went from being a little 8 hour part timer, to a full timer. I'm super happy to have a secure full time job now, and I can start saving for a new car. I'm completely in love with the Fiat 500 in mint green. 

DREAM JOB | If you follow me on instagram you will of seen some of my Visual Merchandising displays! Before starting at H&M it never crossed my mind the role of being a Visual. I'd always wanted to go into styling. So when i was offered the chance to do some Visual within my store I really enjoyed it, and it has led to me working my bum off something in after hours, even doing a 13 hour shift so i could build up my portfolio! and it's all paid off! I have a interview this friday in Birmingham about me becoming a Visual for H&M and it looks like I could get sent off on my training within a few months! 

GET ME SKINNY | God knows how many times I've tried to diet. I'm so determined to drop a size however I just don't give myself enough time and put myself down too quickly. That's all changed now. I've been eating a lot more healthy and I even joined the gym! The gym actually isn't as scary as I thought. Luckily I have a friend to go with so it's not too awkward. I know I'm not gonna loose 5 pounds over night, But I'm feeling a lot more confident with myself and the progress I'm making. 

BACK TO BLACK | a bit of a random one but my style has defiantly turned now it's gone cold again. Literally it's all black all day from now on. Especially as everything I'm buying recently is black. 

so everything is going really well at the minute! However I do miss blogging, so i will try to snap some outfit's on my day off! I'll also be off to a workshop this weekend so I'll be showing you my snazzy "well cool" snaps i get when I'm there!