As I said in my previous post I like to take a lot of inspiration from different cities, and people. Over at Simply Be they have created this cool interactive info-graphic which is perfect to give you plenty of inspiration on a range of trends from all over the world! You can also vote for your favourite destination! The looks all vary from city, to city. The info graphic also gives you some tips on looks and what to do in the city and what to eat! (yum) My favourite was of course Los Angeles the cool laid back look that will never get old. Of course Simply be couldn't possible list all the amazing cities across the globe that rock some amazing trends. So I decided to make my own. 
This year I went to Paris and I got to explore the city and to see the people at their finest in the summer sunshine showing off their best outfits. Paris held a mixture of casual and cool outfits, to elegant and sassy looks that are instantly attention grabbing to the eye. I used to create my own version of a typical Paris outfit, with my own twist added on of course!  Trousers were very popular in Paris. When your constantly on the go you don't need the hassle of worrying if your pants are on show! I then added the touch of yellow with the basic top, and to add that casual cool look I added the long lined blazer that chilled down the whole outfit. 

If you could recommend a city that is full of style why not tweet @simplybe and let them know!