I really want to start traveling again, I've been going here there and everywhere since getting my car on the road. But I think it's time to head out and check out more of Europe. When checking out new cities, countries etc I always enjoy seeing how the locals dress. it's great to see how they work to their weather and their styles. One style that i've always loved is how Italian women dress. So classy and elegant. If you do a quick Google search now you'll see how effortless and casual yet they all looks so good! 
So a few weeks a go while the world cup was on I was browsing JD Williams and decided to create an Italian Styled outfit. If you've followed me for a while you will know I've been a big fan of white trousers/jeans for some time now. Well I've finally given the trend ago! I then paired it with a basic blue denim wash shirt. I love the look that both of the colours have created. Now to add that classy look to the over all look I then added my Chanel 2.55 and my pointed heels. The over all outfit is very casual, with the hint off class and elegant from the shoes and bag. 

What county inspires you the most?