When you first start a blog, it's just a hobby. This little place of the internet you'll go to post your thoughts. However as your blog grows you suddenly gain this following of people who enjoy your reviews, and general posts which leads to you going from posting maybe everyday to having to limit the posts and schedule your content further in advance. For me when I started my blog I had no job and I was on my summer holiday from college. Therefore I had plenty of time to post about all my favourite products! (I was mainly beauty when I first started) However when I went back to college I need to find that balance of getting my college work done and running my blog which was still all new to me. Although once I left college the next year I was then classed as a "full time blogger" as I looked for work. These days making money through your blog can easily be done. So to have a organised blog is like organising your work space. So what steps can you take to making your blog that bit more organised? 

I'd forget my name if I could, so when it comes to thinking of new ideas, gaining contacts, or even just writing down the products you want to try out after seeing them in a magazine write it down! I have these two Moleskine notebooks, one I keep in my bag for when I have myself a random thought. Then the other days on my desk ready for them quick notes I may need to jot down. You can get yourself a cute fashionable range of notebooks from Vikings Fashion Collection.  

These days it's rare to find a blog that is just mainly "fashion" or just "beauty" it seems we're all experimenting with a range of themes when it comes to our blogs. However I think this works well to make your blog a lot more personal and not your typical blog that just posts review, and after review. So get some tab's or buttons to allow your reader who may only be interested in your lifestyle posts to click on the tab and be took to all your lifestyle posts. 

When you start to organise your blog it's like going to food shopping you need to remember to get everything and get it up on time. I like to spend one day every two weeks just focusing on my emails and getting posts written, along with shooting outfits etc. So to write a list you'll never forget a post again. 

I personally enjoy writing my posts before I publish them on that day. Especially as I like to add a little update on my life just to get you all in the know of how fine and dandy I'm doing. Although it can be easier to get the post written a week in advance and get it scheduled. There for you don't have to worry. You can also get some scheduled tweets sorted do you advertising the post while you may be off shopping for "new content" for your blog. 

This is a common sense one but just think ahead, also thick about the posts if they will be appropriate at the date of posting. Think of what products will have a huge response. Think about what your readers want to read and see of a product. Say a lipstick review, show the lipstick on your to show the shade off even more. Just think ahead. 

(I was kindly gifted with the notebooks from Viking however all the works and opinions in the post are all my own)