I've been trying to be good recently by sitting at my desk while I reply to emails and edit my photo's for posts. I must admit I've really enjoyed it since I've spent a bit more time on my room to make it more mine by allowing my personality and home design style shine through. So since finally finishing my room, (although I may get a new bed) I thought I'd start a series on my blog, which I've never done before and it's called the "SNIPPETS OF MY ROOM SERIES".
So this is my dressing table. Probably looks the same as most bloggers dressing tables, but it is probably the most organised part of my room. The desk it self is from IKEA and you can buy it here for £40. The last time I had a desk was when I was thirteen and had the family computer in my room. However this year I decided to bring back the desk for all things beauty and of course to sit at with my laptop and actually focus! I love this desk, it's the perfect size, it has the three side shelves that are perfect for my paper work and extra make up! My Chair is fairly new as I only picked it up last week from yet again IKEA! It was only £11 which is a total bargain for such a pretty chair, wait can chairs be pretty now? I guess so. 
The plant pots that every blogger and their mother seems to have that we use for our make up brushes. I was pretty late to get on the bang wagon for these I must admit. But you can see why they've been picked up for being make up brush holders as they make such a great piece on the table. I think they retail for around £2-£4 they've also brought out some new colours and sizes! I also ended up buying the plant pot tray. I first brought this for the use of rings etc. However I don't wear many rings anymore so it's turned into my perfume and memory card plate. Again another fab piece to do it's use but look pretty at the same time. 
Now don't get too excited and think this is my make up collection, this is just my most used stuff that I use daily. (I have a whole draw of make up, skin care and hair care else where!) The lipstick holder is from ebay which you can buy here. Then we have my Muji draw's which ever blogger has. I was then going to buy more Muji storage but spotted these last week in IKEA both sets totally at £10 a total save! 

And that's my dressing table! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be posting the next post in the series next monday!