Last Sunday I made my way into Birmingham to blow off some dust on my photography skills. If You've been a follower of my blog for a while you will know how much pride and effort I put into the photography side of my blog. From making my product pictures more interesting, to my outfit posts. Luckily I have a A level in Photography under my belt, but It's always great to see how others capture their images with different techniques and styles. 

We met up with Simon Caughey-Rogers, and a few of the guys from Joe Blogs. We then made our way around some of Birmingham's amazing buildings. I'm not much of a Building photographer and I preferred to capture all of them in another light by involving the rest of the scene. As you can see I involved flowers, and even people to make the images not your box standard "here's a picture of Selfridges"  The above images are just a few of the ones I took on the day. I'll be doing another post with all my best images. 

After we had walked around snapping away, and having the odd tourist join in on our picture taking we then made our way for some lunch! we ends dup going to Jamie's. I've been to Jamie's before and really enjoyed his amazing pasta dishes! I'll also be doing a separate post on my blog about the meal, as it was to die for! 

I had such an amazing time with the guys from Joe Blogs, and Simon. I'd like to thank you for the invite and for a great day of getting to know my camera again! You can read more on the day here!