There's nothing more I love than a good bowl of pasta covered in sauce. Oh pasta you make me a very happy girl, and at Jamie's Italian you will get the best of all the pasta there is to offer. I'd already visited one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants before in London. This time I made my way to his restaurant in the centre of Birmingham
I ordered the Penne Carbonara £6.23/£10.75 (Crispy chunks of smoked pancetta, sweet buttery leeks & a traditional carbonara sauce) I love a good Carbonara it has to be my favourite dish to try when abroad and for when I'm just cooking for myself. The over all dish was very tasty, however I felt like the portion was a little small and I would of enjoyed to have a bit more on my plate to really fill me. "please sir could I have some more?" 
Luckily I did ask for a side dish also and I went for Polenta Chips £3.45 I will admit I have no idea what I was getting into with these "chips" that arrived in front of me looking a lot more like chunks of cake than anything else. The taste was strangely surprising, however something just wasn't there to make me love them. Next time I'll just order some normal chips instead. 

Over all I loved the layout and the atmosphere within the restaurant, the music, the staff, every just worked so well together. It was all very vibrant and enthusiastic. A great place to go for lunch with the pals or with your family. I would also like to comment on the pricing as I was expecting to go into his restaurant and have to pay stupid prices. However all of the prices were fair and well worth the money for the delicious dishes. 

(my meal was kindly paid for by Goodmans at their event)