BAG - H&M*

It's literally been forever since I've shot some outfit photo's, but literally on my days off now all I wanna do is sleep and go shopping. It's a shame because I've brought so many new clothes that haven't even made an appearance over on my blog yet. Today I decided to put aside some time to shoot some of my favourite outfits that I've been wearing at the moment. 
I brought these ripped knee jeans while in London for LFW, I must admit it's a bit crappy that Topshop are charging an extra £2 for the ripped knee look, but hey ho you can't beat Topshop's jeans can you? Also slightly annoyed that these jeans are only £36 online, guuuur. I originally only wanted these for the shade, I've been after this shade for so long but for some reason Topshop doesn't seem to do them without the ripped knee. So I went ahead, at first I was a bit unsure on the whole look. Now I can't stop wearing them. 
I can say the same about this trench coat too! I brought this not really thinking I'd wear it. I now live in the thing, I'm going to be so sad when it gets too cold that it doesn't keep me warm enough. I also managed to pick up the cream version int he H&M sale today, however I don't think I'll get as much wear from that colour.