BAG - H&M*

I didn't think I'd be doing any London Fashion Week posts this time around. However earlier this week I had a 'YOLO' moment and ended up booking my train tickets to pop down for the day for day one of LFW. Last season I went for the weekend and it was so tiring, but one of the best experiences of my life. I usually get quite anxious when it comes to going to London alone so this was a big thing for me. I'd also not planned to meet up with anyone so it was just me and my iPhone to get myself around. Luckily I ended up bumping into quite a few blogging friends, and even got to make some new ones! I met some amazing people and had an amazing day! I really wish I could of attended the rest of the week! luckily I've already planned to go to next season in February with a friend for the whole week as she really wants to go and start up her own blog! 
This time around I think everyone went for more casual A/W outfits. Last year I remember being shocked at how mental everyone dressed just to get "pictured" It seemed we all toned it down this time around. I definitely went for a more casual look leaving my pink coat behind and allowing my new favourite black trench coat make a statement. The trench coat was very popular as I saw quite a few girls rocking the same look. I then wore my dress/oversized shirt from the H&M TREND collection. I love everything in the Trend collection which is only available in certain stores, some of the pieces are just so stunning. Now can I have a well done for finding yet another bargain with my shoes? I have the exact shoes in white. I ended up finding these Thursday for a cheeky £5. God I love sale shopping. 
I'll have a few more posts about the day as I got a lot in for the 7 hours that I was in London, also a big thank you to Lydia Rose for taking my outfit photo's it was lovely to meet you!