I would like to introduce you to my new tattoo! I finally got around to getting my skull tattoo! I have wanted to get a skull tattoo for some time now. It's also probably the only tattoo of mine I've thought about the most! If you follow me on Tumblr you will of seen all my endless re-blogs go tattoo's and the odd Kim Kardashian candid photo. Anyway I finally decided on a design, and found a new tattoo artist and I'm super happy with the result! 

So how did I create the design? I already knew what I wanted. I just needed to get it onto paper ready to show my Tattoo Artists. I ended up having a good scout for some illustration images of just skulls. This gave me the base for my tattoo. Once I found my perfect skull, I then took to my own hands of creativity and doodled on some flowers myself. Originally there was going to be a lot more flowers around the skull however we sat down before we started and mapped out exactly how many flowers and where. I like how simple and feminine  the whole tattoo is. I'm really happy I added my own touch and made the tattoo my own. 
 I've always been a fan of skulls. Especially from my more "grunge" days when all I wore was black, adding a skull necklace or print was the perfect way to rock it up. I also love the look of skulls. I did consider a skull candy however I'm not really a fan of cartoon basic tattoo's. I prefer more illustration very detailed with the shading, and toning on a tattoo so the tattoo looks more real. I learnt this from my first tattoo which is very basic. 
 Over all I'm super happy with it and it only took around half an hour to get done! I love the finished look I just can't wait for it to heal now. It's still a little painful when I place my arm down, and it went really swollen but I have to say I love it.