Primark have gone and done it again haven't they! For some time now I've been after a pair of Mules. However I just haven't found that perfect pair that isn't too high. I can't walk at all in anything too high or I'm on my arse. so these Mules are literally spot on for what I was after. After watching and having a good giggle to Becca Rose Video last night, I knew I and to hunt them down today. So before work I made mew ay to my local Primark and there they were, in my size just waiting to come home with me. Let's face it for £12 why the hell not!?
The shoes themselves are very basic, and plain, however they don't half look pretty amazing when their on your feet. I tried them on with my ripped Joini Topshop jeans and damn they just looked fabulous. It's my day off tomorrow so I'm gonna try to break them in so I can wear them all the time. I really miss wearing heels. However since going full time and being on my feet for 8 hours a day heels aren't my first choice. I must admit these are really comfy despite the height and heel. Let's just see how I get on after I've worn them for a few hours shopping tomorrow.