It's rare I will be brave enough to try new beauty products. I usually find a product I love and just stick with it. However after hearing so much about this so called "25 hour wear" foundation I had to give it a go. I'm constantly on the go at work, and rarely have time to top up on powder or even care to re-apply my foundation for the rest of the day. So to have a foundation that can last the whole of my 9 hour long shift would be a sure dream come true.
I guess that dream came true as this foundation is bloody amazing I tell you. First let me tell you how hot it is at work. Literally I wouldn't dream of wearing a jumper to work. It's also a fast phase environment so you're always on the go. So my face usually gets that lovely shiny sexy look, or I some how end up loosing half my forehead and the area around my lips. Which isn't a good look I can assure you. The 25 hour wear foundation got it's first trial when I started laughing on my lunch break the other day and well let's say if you really make me laugh I start crying. (my eyes can't handle all the funny giggles haha) So there I was laughing and crying away when I realised I looked like a bloody panda. Not having any make up remover with me I tried to wipe away the black smudge from under my eyes, I actually found it difficult to wipe away the foundation from my cheeks. With my previous foundations I'd not even dare to touch my face all day incase I rubbed off half of my face. However the Rimmel was a tough sucker and stayed strong. Of course this meant I went and finished the rest of my shift looking like I had two black eyes. But over all I was really impressed with the were and hold of the foundation. 
I would highly recommend this foundation if you're after a long lasting foundation for when you just don't have time to top up on your face!