The only problem with being single is it looks a little weird when you nose the mens collections. I must admit every time I've been in a relationship I've somehow managed to get my own touch on them, and changed their style somehow or another. If you have followed me for a long time, or just know me, you will know Zac Efron holds my heart. That boy just got it going on. From the hair, the stubble, his abs...shall I go on? Ever since I was thirteen and I first tuned into High school musical it all began. I will even admit I got extremely emotional at HSM2 when Zanessa shared their first kiss. (it broke me at the age of 14 I was fragile.) 
I decided to look at Zac's style and take my own to create a look with the help of New Look's range that they have for men! Zac always seems to pull off that casual skater boy look, although he sure can dress up all snazzy when he needs to. I'm defiantly a fan of the casual rough edgy look myself. I decided to go for one of Zac's Idea outfits which is a classic checked shirt, a bomber jacket, and some edgy ripped jeans. I'm sure Zac would look great in this head-to-toe outfit from New Look, although he would look great without it too.