One of my all time favourite video's and posts to read will always be the classic "whats in my bag" I'm just so nosey, I can't help it! I thought I'd share with you all my essentials, and what I carry around with me daily. Everything I've shown never gets taken out. I do of course the add the odd sandwich and drink, and switch up my perfume from time to time. 
So first of all the bag it self. I brought this bag not too long ago after staring at it a number of times while at work, and well it was one of them "f*ck it" days and I brought it. It's also gone in the sale online, but is sold out so be sure to check out your local this weekend for our mid-season sale in store! I love mental and a bit random bags like this with the fringing, I recently brought the TOPSHOP indian boots which pretty much match. The pair are going to be my staples for this A/W. 
Now, the contents. I got my purse also from H&M it's real leather and it was reduced to £15, then of course my staff discount it was a beautiful find while in London. It's a purse that I can see myself still using when I'm about 50. Well until I get my hands on a marc jacobs one of course. 
Okay let's talk about my make up bag! My favourite Disney films are The little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. I just fell in love with this make up bag as soon as I saw it, also retailing at £2.50 why the hell not buy it!? It's also the perfect size to keep all my essentials in!
Only the past two years have I become sensible. It may be that fact I turn 20 in a matter of 3 months time. But I just have to carry tablets and tampons for all them emergencies. I've also been trying to carry more water with me. Look's like the light bulb haas finally started working inside that head of mine. I also carry about 5 different lipstick's and a trusty powder by HD brows. I've also just got a little hand sanitiser in there because I had the old washing your hands then the dryer just not drying your hands at all so you wet your clothes instead. Yeah that. 
And of course I couldn't go anywhere without my phone, or my portable phone charger. I have linked to the charger I brought however it isn't listed anymore, although I would recommend the other sellers below. I also love my pug phone case from c/o iconemesis I've had my eye on the case for a while now, it wasn't until they contacted me that I decided I had to have it. I just love dogs too much not to have a million of them on my phone. 
And that's pretty much my bag contents covered!