DRESS - H&M* | SHOES - H&M* | BAG - H&M*
H&M has done it again. As soon as this dress came in delivery I knew I had to own it. Sadly it had to be kept off the shop floor for a few days until it's launch. I soon grabbed it yesterday when it made it's entrance to the shop. Maybe it was the price, or it's stunning shape. Probably the shocking price of just, £9.99. That's right, £9,99. Also with my staff discount it worked out to only £7.49 even cheaper! The best part about this dress is it's already available in a different pattern for £24.99. This dress is apart of H&M's new value for money products. There's also a faux brown leather skirt which is only £7.99! that's cheaper than Primark! Sadly both the dress & skirt aren't online yet, so I'd pop into your local.