You have no idea how much I love Autumn / Winter. I'm just not a summer loving kinda girl, I hate  not being able to walk around without breaking out in a sweat. I love to layer and basically just be all cuddly and snuggly all day in a good knitted jumper. Autumn / Winter is a great time to keep it basic but really use a bit of trial and error when it comes to accessorising your outfit.  There are a number of things I add to my outfits to either balance them out, or add that little something. 

HATS | I've become a bit of a hat lover the past two years. Before I wouldn't of bothered, especially as my hair use to be my pride and joy and I never wanted to hide it. (haha hair loving) However hats are now a great way to add to an outfit, either making it nice and casual or to add that mysterious look with the add of a floppy hat. There are a range of places that offer some amazing quality for money hats such as; New Look, Primark and of course TOPSHOP

STATEMENT BAG | I use to be obsessed with bags. Every time I went shopping I'd be buying a new bag. Some girls love shoes, I love bags and shoes. Recently I've opted for only buying certain bags, which will one carry all my crap, two really make a statement or create a main view point to my outfits. Above you can see my large bucket bag from H&M which works well for both of my needs. it's size makes a big impact on the over all look of my outfit and stands out. The shape is also very basic but works well for the below hold. Of course using a statement clutch is always a great way to add a lot to a outfit with such a small piece. 

STATEMENT COAT | I went a little coat mad last month. That's how excited I was about the colder weather approaching. But having the perfect statement coat could balance out the rest out your outfits for the rest of the winter months. I've really been loving Duster coats. These are perfect for the not so cold days but just a bit chilly, a great jacket to throw on and look super casual and mysterious. My recently Khaki Green Duster Coat is from New Look, I literally love it and the over all trend it add's to my more casual day-to-day outfits. I also purchased this beautiful, and well cheap over sized boyfriend grey textured coat from Primark. Isn't it just stunning, it's also going to be perfect for them dressy occasions that I need to be wrapped up for the over my glam outfit beneath. 

LAYERING | The best part about A/W has to be the layering! for me I love throwing on a cardi, or just a tartan shirt over a simple cami to add that extra effect to the whole look. I've really been embracing layering the past few weeks, with long tops and knitwear. It's also a fab excuse to stay extra way this season!