I feel like my blog has really been abandoned the past few weeks. Especially now the weather is getting worse, it's getting harder and harder to shoot my outfits. I'm also far too tired to be messing about to try new locations. I'm also getting lazy when it comes to doing my beauty reviews and lifestyle posts. While life is actually good right now,  I've not been able to share it with my blog and allow my blog to continue to grow. It's so weird to think that this time last year I was a "Full Time Blogger" with just a little 8 hour contract at H&M. 
A year on and I'm a full time 35 hour Sales Advisor, and next week I will officially become the Trainee Visual Merchandiser at H&M Telford. Only last week I was planning my daily routine for my big move to the Tamworth store to do my training, when I was offered the chance to stay with my lovely Telford H&M family. I'm so excited to start my training and to know that all my hard work of building up my portfolio has paid off. I've worked really hard since joining H&M to build my way up and I can't help but feel proud of myself. 
I think once I get into my new routine, and settle with my change in hours I'll be back to making a routine for my blog also. While I've not been posting I have been jotting down ideas, and attending events! I've also brought far too many clothes that I've not even shared on the blog yet, so don't worry I'll be back with some outfit of the days soon! I also want to start youtube again. I got a lot of good feedback last time and let's face it youtube is the place to be at the moment! (I got very excited when I realised zoella's manager follows me on twitter the other day) But rest assure I'm still alive and I'll be back with lot sod new posts soon! I may even have a re-vamp as I think I've changed a lot and I want my blog to be in sync with me.