Being a women can seriously be stressful, we have all these little niggles that we all have happen every day. I know for me I'm forever changing my shoes from wearing some beautiful, stylish heels to popping the flats on because working a 9 hour shift in heels just won't go well. Or perhaps yesterday when I was rushing to an event and ends dup getting changed in my car and of course hitting my elbow on my car window. Yes ouch, and a little giggle as it was my funny bone. I know I've also once or twice had to re-adjust my bra. Oh the pleasure of having boobs. Boobs are meant to be great, look fab, do it all for you. Sometimes it's your boobs that create an whole outfit by standing out. But when it comes to having that one comfortable bra it can sometime become a right old challenge to find it. Myself have found the perfect bra then the metal bones within them that give you all that support then pop out, and well almost bloody stab me! It's always a constant struggle to find that perfect bra that does it's job of supporting your boobs, along with looking pretty. We all love the comfort but a bit of pretty lace won't go a miss will it girls?
Luckily Triumph have created the perfect bra for you! with these amazing 'magic wires' Now I know what your thinking, oh a bra with no wires's to support me? No thanks. Well when they say magic wires. It really is magic. All the support of a wired bra with the feel and comfort of none. The clever piece of silicone in the new Magic Wire bra gives the magic of support without wires. A built in mesh stabilizer offers additional support that moves with your body. You can shop the collection over at Triumph.