Oh yes guys the Lush Christmas collection is finally here! I was kindly invited along to the #Lushchristmas event in Solihull Thursday night. So after doing the dreaded delivery shift, I made my way into Birmingham to meet up with some fellow bloggers and making our way to the event. Once we arrived we were introduced to the lovely team over at Solihull. The whole team was so friendly and a pleasure to spend the night with. Usually we are put into groups at previous Lush events and made to go around each section. Over at Solihull we were given the freedom to nose at the store and take our pick at the products we wanted to know more about. We even got a cheeky arm massage, the best thing ever. as my arm then smelt of snow fairy. 
There were some amazing new products. My favourite was the Sparkler. I purchased this on the night and also posted a little Instagram video of it on the go! Ill be reviewing it soon though don't you worry! I had such a great night catching up with old and meeting some new, and finally getting my hands back on the Snow Fairy Shampoo.