Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon D3200, it's been my world for the past two years. However it can be a bit of a pain when it doesn't quite fit into my handbag or is so heavy it gives me back ache.  I love taking pictures, it's rare a day goes by when I haven't took a photo on my phone or camera. For a few months now I've been having a nose at blog's and searching the web for my new partner in crime and a camera that can come with me where ever I go. I'm also wanting to carry on and do a lot more of my "Out & About" posts. 
So here's all the technical description - "An EOS that delivers the quality of a DSLR in the compact body of a camera you can take everywhere. Change your EF-M lens and change your point of view, and enjoy the support of the EF and EF-S lens range too with an optional mount adaptor EF-EOS M, Straightforward controls are quick and easy to use, so you’ll always be ready to express yourself. A touch-sensitive 7.7cm (3”) Clear View II LCD screen offers intuitive control over menu functions, and the ability to focus and shoot with a single tap." For more information click here.
Now my version, and what I love about the camera. For me the main quality I was after was DSLR picture quality. With the Canon EOS M it is spot on when it comes to delivering amazing quality images. As you can see above I took a few snaps after setting it up and I love it! It works well to adjust itself to it's surroundings. I did find it a little weird to use at first after being so use to the NIKON style of camera for so long. But the touch screen and easy to focus settings are exactly what I was after. The lens is a little bigger than what I was after, but there are also 4 other lenses available and I think I'll be purchasing the 22mm lens as my christmas present to myself! I would highly recommend this camera if you're a newbie or just like me and after a brand new little toy to experiment with. 


  1. I must invest in a decent camera when I can afford it! I love the look of this one, the quality is great!

    Laura x x x

  2. Thats a jazzy camera. I'm a NIkon D3200 girl too :)

    Sophie x

  3. Oh wow this looks amazing and is perfect for those out and about shots - I need something like this as carrying a DSLR can be pretty heavy and it's nice to have something high quality but compact

    Thanks for sharing
    Laura x

  4. I've been after a new camera for ages and want SLR quality on a student friendly budget so I'll be keeping this in mind!

    Alex x

  5. wow, this looks like a really good camera option as I also find taking my DSLR around with me quite tiring.
    Project Rattlebag x

  6. The quality looks great for such a little camera! Sometimes it's so annoying having to take your DSLR out and about

  7. My sister gave me one very similar to this a few years ago. I took about 6 photos and then gave up. It's too technical for me. She lives in Australia, so no help there. I need someone close.

  8. Oo this camera looks great, so tiny too! The quality of those photo's looks amazing

    Ashley x

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