While I've kinda fell out of the loop of blogging, there's nothing I love more than catching up with the blogging girls and getting my nails done. Last Thursday I made my way into Birmingham, which felt like such a treat. I arrived early as I'd finished work early that day, so I went on a hunt of a cape I've fallen for. Which I cannot hunt down for the life of me. However I did manage to find a cheap-o version from china on eBay. 
We then made our way up to the management suit in the Bullring and was greeted to a range of tables form different brands! I made my way to the nail table first! The amazing Tamore She designed such a simple and easy snow falling design which `i had to have. Once I'd had my nails done it was time for food! last time we had Nando's this time it was all about the classic christmas treats from mince pies to glasses (jars) of coca cola! 

After the lovely night with the Birmingham Bloggers and staff at the Bullring I'm now going away lusting after so much stuff which I may have to treat myself to this next payday!