Christmas is the perfect time to give gifts, and have fun while doing it! Creating bundles are a great way to make a collection of little funny gifts all come together! I took on the challenge to create a christmas bundle for France! This year I went along to France, however it was in the summer and I wasn't that familiar on the traditions of Christmas in the country. I decided to have a quick google and nose into the usual traditions and what the French get up to at this time of year. 
Unlike the UK, in France the French like to keep it very traditional with the theme of The Nativity Scene being kept within the decorations of the home. I thought this was a really nice traditional piece to keep going with Christmas. 
Then the best thing about France at Christmas is that they bloody love a good Yule Log! And I sure enjoyed this one too which I brought from ASDA! Sadly it's a  Belgian one, not french but we can deal with that. I also popped in a bottle of wine, some croissants and Haribo's. You can't go wrong with sweets at christmas! 
And of course it wouldn't be christmas without some cheese deco piece's! So I popped in a santa cup and some candles. Over all the bundle isn't in your face France. However the good thing about Christmas a it's something that a range of countries all manage to celebrate together in the same way, with all the same traditions.