Last night I decided after work to make my way back to Birmingham a bit closer to home. While I've been in Nottingham my nights have been pretty dull, with being super tired and just wanting to pass out and watch Hollyoaks. However it was super worth being tired today to go into birmingham and suffer the train ride back with no battery on my phone! However I went into Birmingham for the Benefit event for their new mascara! I'm a loyal fan of they're real so i was looking forward to seeing what they had in store. 
 I first met up with my babe Paige we then made our way to Victoria Square. Once we arrived we instantly spotted the massive baby pink Benefit truck. trust me you couldn't miss it. We were then greeted by the oh so sassy man who took us inside to meet the benebabes of Birmingham! the truck was absolutely stunning and it was exactly like stepping back in time to the 60's. We took a seat were treated to some Pink Moet! and some yummy yummy cupcakes! the benebabes then made their way to mingle between us all to share tips and tricks. I've not yet tried out the new mascara from Benefit, however you can look forward to my review soon!