A few weeks ago now I attended FABB Birmingham. It was such a lovely event, with lots of bloggers and a range of different brands. One of the brands which was at FABB was Me Me Me Cosmetics. I was gifted with a range of products at the event, then later on I was emailed to see if I'd like to review some more products from Me Me Me. I decided to take all the products I received and pick out a few to create a look to share with you. This was the look I ended up creating. 
 SEVENTH HEAVEN MOISTURISING FACE BASE | I love a good moisturiser, or a primer to start off any make up look. This face base by Me Me Me has become a favourite of mine. I've ended up using it pretty much everyday to give me that perfect base for my foundation. I've been really impressed with this product and it's affordable price tag.
FLAWLESS FINISH CREAM FOUNDATION SPF 15 | I can be pretty picky when it comes to foundations, and sadly I wasn't too impressed with the so called Flawless Finish foundation. I found the foundation very hard to blend, it also still end dup leaving brush marks. I ended dup using my fingers to blend it out around my nose and fore head. I was wore the foundation all day yesterday just to do errands. And it barely lasted past 4 hours before my rosy cheeks were on show. I love a full coverage foundation, as I have a few scars from my teenage spot years. Sadly this foundation just wasn't a good match for me. 
EYE INSPIRE CATWALK QUAD | I took the quad taking the lightest shade to use as a base all over the lid. Before taking my brush and brushing it across the remaining three which I put in the crease and the outer corner and high brow bone. This sort of smokey golden/brown look is a regular look on mine which i balance from day-to night. However usually I add a bit of liquid liner to create a more bold look. I really liked the pigmentation of the product and the over all look which was super easy to create. 
GODDESS ROCKS | This was a new style of product for me. I'd never used the rock style of bronzer before. I've really only just got to grips with applying bronzer so I was feeling a little brave taking on this new product. Although the shade that appeared was absolutely beautiful. I loved the subtle yet golden look it instantly added and allowed you to contour your face. I'd highly recommend this product for a more going out bronzer as it does contain shimmer. I did also take the bronzer under my eyes to increase that smokey look. 
BLUSH ME! BLUSH BOX | I'm never usually a big fan of using blusher, I'm just not a fan of the blusher look. I've probably just seen a few bad ones and get too worried I'll turn up like that. I did however add a subtle gentle stroke on my upper cheeks for that more healthy natural look. I would usually look at the shade of pink and run a mile, however it turned out so pretty and natural on the skin. 
ARCH ANGEL | This product was the one product I was most scared to use. I know recently brush on liquid brows have become very popular. I stayed clear after being comfortable with my shadow and brush application. I started to apply the brush to my brows and I was shocked how natural and perfectly fine it actually appeared. Stupidly I didn't get my brows in the picture. While they aren't so bold they actually appear more strong and and in shape. I also used the other end which is a highlighter which instantly lifted my brows. I'll definitely be making the change from shadow to liquid on my brows! 
LASH ATTCK LENGTHENING MASCARA | Now last but not least is the mascara! most days I'll just go for a simple mascara look. For me it's key to have a mascara that can define my eyes and open them up just by a few flicks. This mascara is a great throw on and go. 

(I was kindly gifted with all of the products for my consideration, no other compensation was received)