Ever since I was introduced to Benefit Cosmetic's they have instantly become a favourite of mine. With this I became a loyal 'They're Real' Mascara fan. While I'm a huge fan of 'They're Real' it does start to get a little be of a pain as the bugger really doesn't want to leave your lashes. Benefit has always been known for the number one selling Mascara in the UK. So when it was announced they were realising a new mascara all the beauty guru's were curious to what was to come. If you saw my previous post you will of seen I was lucky enough to go to my local Benefit event which was in a truck! While I was there I got to chat, drink pink champers and of course get my hands on the new mascara. Roller lash. 
Roller lash is not set to be released until March, however I was lucky enough to get my hands on it first. One of my current looks for me in the week, with my 6am start is just a simple nude eye with a bold lash. This look can only really be achieved with a good Mascara! I decided to take the Roller lash to complete my daily look. I definitely was not disappointed by Benefit! The awesome hooked brush hooks onto my lashes and gives them a instant up lift with two strokes. I love the instant girly flick it add's to my lashes, creating the perfect lash. I've also found the mascara to be less wet like 'They're real' and doesn't leave marks on my under eyes. It stays put all day, but when it comes to washing away the face at the end of the day it slips off my lashes perfectly. 

If you can't wait till March to get your hands on Roller Lash you can grab your sample size in this month's issue of ELLE! 

(disclaimer // I was kindly gifted this product for my consideration, no other compensation was received)