After having such a good year last year, with a lot of positives I've decided I want to make sure 2015 is the same but better! To do this I'm writing this post with a few things of what I shouldn't do in 2015 instead of what I want to do. 2013 was a crappy year for me, so 2014 was my year I got myself back on track. Now I've officially left my teen years behind after becoming Twenty this week, I feel like it's time to make this year my grown up year. 
Don't let people push you around. Last year I began to distance myself from a few people that did nothing but put me down. There's no point of being in a friendship where they make you feel like shit. You want a friend you can bounce off, and know no matter how stupid you may be they'll not put you down. Don't make all the effort, let them chase you. The past few month's have been tough regarding my relationships with certain people. I've defiantly learnt I shouldn't be the only one making all the effort. I'm the type of person that has to know the plan, and constantly know where I stand. This resulted in me constantly organising and making the effort. A relationship should be a balance of give and take, not just all take. Stop judging a book by it's cover. I will openly admit, I can be a right little bitch. I love a good gossip and bitch. However I know I need to give more people a chance before instantly deciding their just going to screw me over. Last year I made so many new friends to the point I was hanging out with a whole new group of people by the end of the year. I want to continue this and to start making relationships in places I don't expect. Don't be afraid to be independent. It's slowly getting closer to me moving out and having to live alone. it's really hit me this week as I've sorted a few things out. I didn't do the university experience so for me this is my big step towards getting my independence. Don't buy clothes you don't really need. I don't really want to not do this but I know I need to. I'm guilty of buying clothes just because their reduced, or are just plain beautiful and I just need them. But no Chloe, that bag from work doesn't need to come home with you. Stop putting yourself down. Every since I could remember I've been shy, and never had much confidence in myself. Last year I really came out of my shell by making lots of new friends, and genuinely having a good time and not worrying so much. It's time to stop worrying and live on the edge. Don't be afraid to fall in love. The past year I stayed away from boys. I didn't need the feelings or the hassle of a relationship. However while I took my time for myself I passed off a few good opportunities because I just wasn't ready to let my heart go again. This year I don't want to let any opportunities go a miss.