Ever heard of Yves Rocher? you'll want to know more after I tell you about these amazing, must have pamper products. I'm all for treating myself to a cheeky pamper night from time to time. With my job I'm constantly on my feet so having a nice soak and chill in the bath can honestly do the world of good for my poor feet. I'm forever buying new moisturisers, body butters, foot lotions, and of course a good hand cream for when they get dry. 
When ever I'm looking for new products to try I'm always looking for the best of both worlds. I want a good product that does what it says it will, but also a product which won't break my bank. All of these products from Yves Rocher are under £10! Each product does exactly what it says it offers and so much more. 
First the bath bomb. While it's a tiny little thing is creates some magic in the water. Creating a milky bath it smooths and smells exactly like coconut, the perfect smell for while your lying back relaxing. My skin instantly became smooth and as soon as I left the bath my skin was also very soft.  For such a small product, it created a big impact. Now the hand cream, I always carry my Soap & Glory Hand Food around with me. it's a hand bag staple. However this has now been replaced by this Long lasting hand cream from Yves Rocher. While the smell isn't as dreamy as the bath bomb, it's a instant fresh scent. It instantly hydrated my skin, and kept the hydration for a number of hours. Now I'm not a huge fan of body creams, or butters. To be honest i don't have the patience or time to be covering myself in such a treat. On the other hand when something smells, and makes your skin as soft as the Body Cream from Yves Rocher you make time. I've fell in love with this body cream which has become my little after bath treat. 

(I was kindly sent these products for my consideration and review. no other compensation was received)