SHOES | £39.99 || NECKLACE | £7.99 || EARRINGS | £3.99 || ORGANIZER | £4.99 || SWORSKI SET | £14.99
Isn't it funny how at school I use to be bloody obsessed with wearing jewelry. However these days it seems I just cannot be bothered to add that bracelet or to even wear earrings. I've definitely got a bit lazy when it comes to adding my add on's.  This week H&M had quite a few goodies in delivery I noticed they had some great offers running. I just couldn't get them out for my mind so I popped into Birmingham for some me time. 
I love rose gold, who doesn't these days? It's a shade that just looks effortless with a girly twist to jewellery I find. I was mostly attracted to the stunning stones which have been used with this necklace the shades all work so well together to create s simple yet statement long necklace. I ended up spotting this organiser as I made my way to the till. I must admit it was one of them do I really need this? But screw it I want it anyway buys. I'm going to use it in my bag for my notes and recipts. Shoes! I really don't need anymore shoes but when I was putting these out the other day, they just screamed my name. Also if you've brought shoes from H&M before you'll know how terribly uncomfortable their shoes can be. I can safely say these beauties are a dream to wear!